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I was a hopeless case when it came to ANYTHING to do with computers for fear of breaking them.  Then I met Miriam and SLOWLY I am gaining confidence.  She helps me write DETAILED notes about everything we talk about.  I just need to remember to read the notes!  She is patient and doesn’t mind repeating things over and over!!!   She is affordable which is great as I need her frequently.  

-Jan Rowen, Eureka


I'm a complete imbecile when it comes to tech gadgets. Thanks to Miriam, there's hope for people like myself. Without her help, I would be hopelessly behind the times. Miriam comes to my house, she is very patient, and she walks me through steps. She makes sure I take notes so I can do the work when she isn't here to hold my hand. I'm slowly learning to get the most from my new laptop, Facebook, and a better overall understanding of the mysterious world of computers.

-Mette Bryans, Eureka

It's easy to forget how much we rely on our computers and smart phones and tablets to stay in touch with friends and family, to pay bills, to buy stuff we can't find locally. But when your system gets attacked by a virus, it stops being fun.

Miriam helped me to solve the problems that were "bugging" me and taught me lots about improving the tech experience. She is a patient, caring and smart teacher--and fun to work with.

-Allan Katz, Eureka

I would like to say that Miriam is a lot of help to me with my Toshiba laptop . She knows her stuff. She will go over it time and time again till you get it, and she makes it FUN! Thank you, Miriam for your help.

-Albert Houghton, Scotia

I was overwhelmed when my new laptop arrived. Miriam talked me through all I had to do: virus protection, backup system, create new email account, purchasing and installing programs, etc. I couldn’t have gotten the new computer up and running without her. She is empowering.

-Marylee Bytheriver, Eureka

I hired Miriam to help me take advantage of what was available on my computer so I could enjoy it more. While I could manage basic email and google searches, I couldn’t face the struggle of teaching myself how to do some of the more complex things that I wanted to do.

Miriam was an excellent tutor. She tailored her approach to how I learn best, and to my specific interests, and she was responsive to my needs. One of the things we worked on was a switch to a better email program. She showed me how to use it, coached me as I used it myself, and then was patient and relaxed as I practiced enough to become confident. Because of her attentive, helpful and enthusiastic manner, my learning process was comfortable and successful in each of the tasks that I took on.

With Miriam’s help I have now become a much more adventurous computer user, and I highly recommend her personalized tutoring service.

-Jenny Hanson, Eureka

I am a late bloomer when it comes to computers, having just bought my first one 3 years ago. I could do some really basic things, but felt I needed to learn more.

I just recently bought a new computer. I found BoomerTech Tutoring on Craig’s List. The owner, Miriam Elizondo, was extremely patient and knowledgeable. She helped me set it up and taught me several things on my computer and iPad. I feel much more confident after taking just a couple of classes and look forward to more.
I highly recommend taking computer classes with BoomerTech Tutoring. No matter what level of knowledge you have with your computer, she will teach you something new.

-Chris Crichton, Crescent City

-Karen Roemke, Eureka

I had recently decided that it was time to buy a new device but was having trouble figuring out what was best for my needs. Miriam showed me a variety of products, let me try them out, and helped me identify my needs. I decided to buy an iPad and continued to work with Miriam to learn all about the many things that were new to me. She is very knowledgeable about technology. She tailored her tutoring to meet my needs. She is a great communicator, which is so helpful when I'm learning something new; she would talk to me about it, show me, and write down the instructions in a clear manner so later when I didn't remember what she told me I could refer to my index cards. I now use my iPad every day and am very happy with my purchase and thank Miriam for her assistance that made this so successful.


I am pleased to recommend Miriam Elizondo of BoomerTech Tutoring. I have consulted with her on many occasions about learning to do a playlist, setting up online bill paying, and other specific questions relating to the operation of my smartphone. She researches my questions prior to our appointment and is always prepared to explain things in simple terms. I wholeheartedly endorse Miriam’s ability to be an effective tutor in all things technical.

-Lissa Anderson, McKinleyville

Miriam Elizondo, BoomerTech consultant, has been a great help to me. She is patient, thorough and teaches in a clear, slow-paced manner that gives me time to write down the info. I use a computer for my writing and for research. Since I am old as the hills and lack a technical mind, my problems are many. Miriam always helps me solve these problems. She is a cheerful, warm person and I enjoy her visits on a personal level as well as a technical one.

-Nance Naven, Eureka

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